Marcela Kvapilová

I graduated from the Faculty of Technology in Zlín and during my live I worked at various areas: international business, marketing, project management, public administration.

Since my children were born, I have become interested in human health.

Initially, I was focused primarily on children, their development and education.

Later, I got excited about water massages and other methods and principles of rebalancing and strengthening the health of the human body and soul.

I currently have a variety of useful knowledge and skills and I am ready to help people on their way to balance and health.

Education in body work:

2011 – a basic shiatsu course, 30 hours, Darja shiatsu school

2013 – 2014 – Path of partnership – Principles of chakras, layers of aura, healing techniques according to B.A.Brennan, character structure (psychological development in childhood according to W.Reich and A.Lowen), etc., 150 hours, Darja Healing School

2013 – 2015 – Various Aquabodywork courses – Darja Healing School

2014 – Reiki, Grade 3 (the first 2 grades in 2005)

2016 – Watsu 1 – water shiatsu – 50 hours, Basia Szpak-Borst, Darja Havelková

2017 – Watsu 2 – water shiatsu – 50 hours, Basia Szpak-Borst

2017 – Sports massage, accredited educational program, completed by exam, 150 hours, Educational facilities of health and sanitation services, Zlín

2018 – Aquahealing – Fluid Body, 34 hours, Darja Havelková

2018 – AQUATHERICS UNDERWATER, 50 hours, Theri Thomas, Basia Szpak-Borst,

2018 – Cranio – sacral osteopathy 1 – 8, 170 hours, Radek Neškrabal, BCST

2018 – Principles of energy medicine in the healing arts, 35 hours, Roger Gillchrist, MA, RPE, RCST

2019 – Watsu 2 – water shiatsu – 50 hours, Mary Theri Thomas

2019 – Watsu 3 – water shiatsu – 50 hours, Mary Theri Thomas

2019 – 2020 – Shiatsu School – 160 Hours, Shiatsu centre of Ostrava, Mgr. Grogor Levi Minasjan

Ongoing training:

2019 – 2022 – Professional training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing ICSB, Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin, MA, BCST, RCST, Kavi Alessandro Gemin, Osteopath, BCST, RCST



In addition to the above body work, I am very interested in Marie Montessori – an Italian doctor who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. She was one of the first to define principles that virtually align with the basic principles of modern craniosacral biodynamics: a human organism, if it has natural conditions and has the ability to follow its own internal guidance, tends to evolve healthily and learn naturally. Marie Montessori implemented this into her education system, which is still used around the world today.

My education in this area:

2008 – Montessori philosophy, activities of everyday life, senzomotor material, mathematics, 36 hours, MUDr. Eva Štarková

2008 – Respect and be respected, 24 hours, The Society for Brain Compatible Education, PhDr. Pavel Kopřiva, Mgr. Tatjana Kopřivová

2010 – Diploma course for working with children aged 3-9 Montessori method ending with final exam, 300 hours, Montessori, o.s.