Craniosacral biodynamics and osteopathy is a very subtle technique of restoring health, vitality and balance in the human body.

With regular care using craniosacral therapy, the original balance is restored, natural self-healing forces activated and various physical or psychological difficulties gradually subsided.

Craniosacral biodynamics and Osteopathy can help with asthma, headaches, migraines, depression, glaucoma, dizziness, sinusitis, scoliosis, back pain and various other aches, heart circulatory system disease, insomnia, sensory defects, otitis media, post-operative conditions.

For whom? – Craniosacral therapy is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women.

How does it work? – A client lies on a massage cot dressed in comfortable clothes (preferably made of natural materials), can be covered with a blanket. The craniosacral practitioner places hands in different places on the body or the head and helps the body tune into its own unique rhythm of health.

Where? – At a massage parlour on the square of T. G. Masaryk in Zlín or at your home.

When? – It is necessary to order a specific date in advance.

How much? – The cost of the treatment is 40 €/60 min .



Marcela is a very good watsu and cranio-sacral therapist. I had some cranio-sacral sessions with her, which have been very beneficial for some chronical pain in my back. I also had many watsu sessions in the past years, and every time was really great. Deep relaxation and lightness, while being kindly taken in the water with a soft music background. A sequence of gentle body stretching, movements and positions that wouldn’t be possible out of water. Beautiful experiences. I definitely recommend Marcela, she is very professional and kind!