The human body, buoyed by warm water, experiences a pleasant sense of relaxation. The tissues of the body take a break from the pressure caused by gravity. There is a certain “weightlessness” experience where there is better blood flow and relaxation of individual parts of the body. The relaxed body as a whole has the opportunity to tap into its own process of self-healing and regeneration.

In a state of relaxation, thoughts and emotions also float away. It is possible to experience variously deep experiences of meditation.

Watsu Therapy (‘water shiatsu’) was originally created by transferring Japan’s shiatsu massage technique to warm water. It uses knowledge of energy pathways and acupressure points in the human body and the beneficial effects of warm water.

With regular water therapy care, there is relief from stress and chronic difficulties, while also helping with back pain, headaches, relaxing joints, muscles, tendons.

I comply with the requirements of WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork
Association) and I am listed in WABR (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry) on www.watsu.com.

What is it? – “Water massage” takes place in a warm pool with 34 °C. water. The client has “flouts” on their legs (tapes attached around the thigh or calf) to help the body float on the surface. The practitioner holds the client’s body securely so that the face is above the surface and it is possible to breathe. With smooth movements, stretching and gentle massage, the feeling of deep relaxation comes in. Only when agreed and on a signal, the whole body, including the head, can also be submerged. The experience of relaxation is therefore much more intense.

For whom? – “Water massage” is suitable for anyone who likes water at least a little. It is also recommended for pregnant women.

Where? – Zlín, Prague or other places with a good pool

When? – It is necessary to order a specific date in advance.

How much? – The cost of the treatment is 40 EUR.

What to bring? – Towel, swimsuit, soap.



Marcela is a very good watsu and cranio-sacral therapist. I had some cranio-sacral sessions with her, which have been very beneficial for some chronical pain in my back. I also had many watsu sessions in the past years, and every time was really great. Deep relaxation and lightness, while being kindly taken in the water with a soft music background. A sequence of gentle body stretching, movements and positions that wouldn’t be possible out of water. Beautiful experiences. I definitely recommend Marcela, she is very professional and kind!